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CoRPs Alumni Interview Program

CoRPs Alumni Interview Page

Program Overview

Vanderbilt University alumni provide first-year applicants with informational interviews through Commodore Recruitment Programs (CoRPs). Interviews are informational and serve as a tool for students to evaluate their fit with Vanderbilt University. While the interview is informational in nature, CoRPs alumni interviewers will also provide an evaluative report to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions that will be included in the applicant's admissions file. Please note that ALL student-alumni interactions for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle will be conducted virtually. Also, due to the necessary programmatic changes for COVID-19, and subsequent later launch of the program, interviews will be available to Early Decision II and Regular Decision applicants and not Early Decision I applicants.

CoRPs alumni interviews are optional and are not a required part of the admissions process at Vanderbilt. Students who do not participate are not negatively impacted in the admissions review process in any way.

Not all students will be able to complete a CoRPs alumni interview. While a vibrant Commodore community exists around the globe, Vanderbilt does not have enough trained CoRPs alumni interviewers to meet demand from all applicants. As a result, some students will not have the opportunity to participate in an interview.

CoRPs Interview Process

Once you submit the  Coalition Application Common Application , or QuestBridge Application , you will receive an email with instructions for setting up a MyAppVU account. If you choose to participate in the program, you will opt in through your MyAppVU portal. There, you will also indicate that you understand that all interactions will be conducted virtually and that you understand that all interviews should follow the guidelines stated in the Vanderbilt University Protection of Minors policy. Interviews are only to take place virtually and must be conducted via the Vanderbilt Zoom platform. Once the interview is complete, the interviewer submits a report to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions on your behalf. This report is added to your admission file and treated as an additional letter of recommendation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Vanderbilt require interviews?

A: No, interviews are not required for first-year applicants. Vanderbilt does, however, offer CoRPs alumni interviews for applicants to evaluate their fit with Vanderbilt. Not participating will not negatively impact our admissions decision. In fact, fewer than 20 percent of all first-year applicants typically participate in the CoRPs alumni interviewing program each year.

Q: Are applicants who do not participate in the CoRPs alumni interviewing program negatively affected in the admissions review process?

A: Absolutely not. The absence of an interview report from the applicant's file will not negatively impact the admissions decision in any way.  


Q: I am an international applicant applying to Vanderbilt. What should I do if I am unable to complete an alumni interview?

A: For international students who are not able to interview with our CoRPs alumni volunteers, we accept interviews from  InitialView . Interviews are not required, and the absence of an interview report from the applicant's file will not negatively impact the admissions decision in any way.