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AP, IB Credit and Other Pre-College Credit




While we recognize that there have been many changes surrounding the administration of AP, IB, and Cambridge exams, Vanderbilt has not changed its policies regarding course credit for these exams--current policies will remain in effect for the class entering in fall 2020.

Vanderbilt's policies regarding advanced credit are outlined in the Vanderbilt University Undergraduate Catalog. Please note that credit policy is subject to change. 

*Please note the following update to AP credit policy for calculus exams:                                   

AP Exam AP Score    Vanderbilt Course or Credit Equivalent    Credit Hours   
Calculus AB    5 MATH 1300 4
Calculus BC & AB Subscore    3 & 5 MATH 1300 4
Calculus BC & AB Subscore    4 & 5 MATH 1300 4
Calculus BC 5 MATH 1300 4
      MATH 1301 4