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Financial Aid Facts

Vanderbilt's Three Commitments

Because talent and promise recognize no social, cultural, economic or geographical boundaries, we are committed to making a Vanderbilt education accessible and affordable to all admitted U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens. We understand that providing for a college experience is one of the largest single investments a family will make, and we believe strongly that a Vanderbilt education is well worth the investment. Opportunity Vanderbilt reflects our belief that a Vanderbilt education should be accessible to all qualified students regardless of their economic circumstances. The Office of Student Financial Aid and Undergraduate Scholarships individually reviews every application for financial aid and works closely with each family to help make a Vanderbilt education affordable.

We make three important commitments to U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens which reflect our continuing dedication to making a Vanderbilt education possible:

  1. First: Our admissions process is entirely need-blind - your family's ability to pay is not a factor in our admissions process.
  2. Second: Vanderbilt will meet 100% of demonstrated financial need. With the additional investment that we make, many students often pay no more to attend Vanderbilt than they would pay to attend a college with a lower total cost.
  3. Third: Financial aid awards do not include loans. Through Opportunity Vanderbilt, financial aid packages for undergraduate students include only grant assistance and a reasonable work expectation.

Cost of Attendance

Estimated cost of attendance for academic year 2014/2015:

Tuition $42,768
Housing $9,392
Meals $4,990
Books and Supplies $1,370
Activities/Rec Center Fee $1,070
Personal Expenses $2,730
Travel Allowance Varies
First-Year Experience Fee $704
New Student Transcript Fee  $30
Engineering Lab Fee* $650
Engineering Laptop Allowance* $1,500

*The engineering laptop allowance and laboratory fee (for engineering students only) are listed in the student activities fee listed on the financial aid award notification letter. First-year engineering students are required to provide their own computer that meets published requirements. First-year engineering students who have been offered a Vanderbilt need-based grant as part of their package will have additional dollars added to the fall portion of their grant award to assist with the requirement to provide or purchase their own computer.

Specific hardware requirements for the required laptop and information on how to access the additional need-based grant dollars will be sent from the School of Engineering to students who accept their offer of admission.

All costs are estimated averages for full-time undergraduate students.

Applying for Financial Aid

Steps in applying for financial aid:

  1. Submit the College Scholarship Service Financial Aid PROFILE CSS PROFILE, school code 1871.
  2. Submit the 2014-15 Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA), school code 003535.
  3. Submit copies of your and your parents' 2013 federal tax return with all attachments and W-2 forms to our office as soon as they are complete/available.

These can be mailed to:

2309 West End Ave
Nashville, TN, 37203-1725

For more specific instructions and information about applying for financial aid, visit the Office of Student Financial Aid and Undergraduate Scholarships.

Financial Aid Fast Facts

  • The amount of need-based financial aid awarded to a family is the difference between the amount a student and family are expected to pay toward college (expected family contribution) and the total cost of attendance.
  • The average financial aid package for first-year students entering fall of 2012 who were offered need-based assistance included 97% gift aid and 3% work.
  • While loans are not included in financial aid packages, under certain conditions and based upon individual family circumstances or desires, loans from federal and other sources may be made available to students upon their request to replace any work expectation in the award or to replace some portion of the expected family contribution.
  • Total amount of gift assistance, from all sources, awarded to first-year undergraduate students for the 2012/13 academic year: $39,599,307
  • Undergraduate students receiving financial aid (need-based and/or merit-based) for the 2012/13 academic year: More than 60%
  • Average financial aid package for 2012/13 academic year: $43,794
  • First-year applicants awarded merit-based scholarships for 2012/2013 academic year: 2.1%